If you love to garden and want to share that joy & satisfaction with your kids…
If you want your kids to learn and bloom and grow – both inside and out…
Then Do Not Miss our great Green Thumb Family Resource “Toolkit”!
It really doesn’t matter if your garden
is just a few potted plants, or a couple of flower beds, or even a king-sized truck garden.
Our new Green Thumb Family Toolkit  is designed to encourage and inspire your
family to learn together, work together and grow together… all Spring and Summer long!
* Great garden ideas, tips & projects
* Tried & True Advice from Homeschool Families
* Step-by-step “how to do it” guides
* Practical Character building resources
* Homeschool Unit Studies
* Vintage Living Books
* Classic Audio Stories
Here’s the run down on all the resources that you receive in our Green Thumb Family “toolkit”
(all of these are instantly downloadable PDF ebooks!)

Greening Up Your Homeschool:
Tips & Ideas for Integrating Gardening into your Homeschool
A “Green Thumb Family” Guide
What more ways you can integrate your homeschool studies with gardening? Looking for ways to motivate your kids to get into the garden… and LIKE it? Here is a collection of practical, “real life” advice offered to you by other homeschooling families who have done just that! Some wonderful ideas here… Read, glean, and use what works for you!

Our Favorite Gardening Activities
A “Green Thumb Family” Guide
We surveyed over 300 families (homeschoolers, homesteaders, city folk and gardeners) and asked them to share their suggestions for successfully integrating gardening into homeschooling and making “growing thing” a part of their family life.  This is a compilation of many of their best  answers.  This is real-life advice, and there are LOTS of great ideas and insights in these pages. Read, glean, and utilize what fits you best!

Keeping It Fun:
Proven Tips & Suggestions on Keeping Gardening Positive & Fun for your Kids
A “Green Thumb Family” Guide
What is the worst “turn off” for kids as far as gardening is concerned? This Green Thumb Family report is filled with advice, tips and words of wisdom from other homeschool parents. A great way to avoid garden “burnout” and keep your family gardening time positive and fun. Excerpt: “Gardening is not about ‘doing school’. For boys, it’s about getting your hands in the dirt, playing with worms, eating produce straight off the plant. Gardening is a life skill that will provide years of enjoyment and stress reduction if you don’t make it about the grade.”

How Does Your Garden Grow?
A Complete Elementary Grades Unit Study
by Lynda Coats
(author of Far Above Rubies & Blessed Is The Man)
Wondering how you could possibly make your garden a central part of your homeschooling this spring? Wonder no more!
This Unit Study by veteran Homeschool writer and pioneer Lynda Coats (author Far Above Rubies, Blessed Is The Man & more)  provides DOZENS of learning projects and activities encompassing Literature, Bible study, Character Building, Cultural Studies, Physical Fitness, Computer Skills, Life Skills, Mathematics, Science and History — all centered around your own garden! Whether your “garden” is a few potted plants on the porch or a full-fledged, king-sized garden patch, you’ll find an amazing variety of lessons and activities that will make this Spring a “growing season” in more ways than one. Over 200 (!) separate educational activities & project ideas, with links to online resources & more. An amazing resource guide! 

The Green Thumb Family
No-Till, No-Dig, Family Fun Potato Garden Secrets!
Want to know the “secret”, EASY way to raise a bumper crop of potatoes — without tilling and digging? The secret is actually pretty simple… and we reveal it in this step-by-step “recipe” for a back yard potato garden! This is a super fun and easy project for kids who are interested in growing things… and EVERYONE will love sitting down to a meal with your very own “home grown” mashed potatoes!

Organic Gardening Basics
For Your Family
Here’s a great primer on “organic” gardening in the family garden — all the whats & whys of going “organic”, with a great section of practical advice on dealing with garden pests and problems. Great beginner’s guide!